The Odyssey way

At Odyssey, we are passionately committed to supporting Indigenous businesses and are proud to have partnered with the following companies, to grow opportunities and enrich outcomes for Indigenous Australians. Get in touch if you want to partner with us. 

InTravel Group

InTravel is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated boutique travel company. Since 2020, InTravel has been managing our corporate travel program, overseeing both executive travel and our demanding FIFO roster.

Spartan First

Spartan First is an Indigenous owned occupational health service that has been working closely with us to provide high-quality medical assessments and ongoing healthcare for our employees.


Kulbardi, Australia’s largest Indigenous owned stationery and workplace supply company, keeps Odyssey well-stocked with stationery supplies. 

Clontarf Foundation

Odyssey has partnered with the Clontarf Foundation to provide young Indigenous men with the opportunity to take part in trainee programs that support and drive entry into the marine industry.


IronMerge is an Indigenous owned labour hire and recruitment company that Odyssey has partnered with to provide Indigenous people with a pathway into the maritime sector and ongoing employment opportunities.