Working with us

We are changing the culture of the industry by promoting a one team approach, bringing new people into the industry and giving them the training and skills required to excel in an environment that is fast-paced and ever-changing.

We employ the best people. Our Port Hedland marine crew are supported by a strong site-based management team comprised of two back-to-back Superintendents and an Operations Manager who oversees both our Port Hedland and Geelong operations. Our operations are further supported by dedicated operations, HSEQ, finance, commercial, crewing, and employee relations personnel working from the company’s Perth office.

Employee Benefits

We offer multiple school based, and mature-age, traineeships each year. Trainees are mentored by highly experienced operators on a range of vessels, from small to large. Those already employed by us are also provided with a range of professional development opportunities to enable them to progress their careers within Odyssey.

We regularly employ newcomers to the industry, offering them the opportunity to learn and grow within the Odyssey family. We provide a supportive and inclusive work environment and have multiple strategies in place to enable people from diverse backgrounds to join the team and progress their careers with us. What this all means is an engaged and happy workforce resulting in a high retention rate, and a great employee satisfaction score of 88% (based on our 2021 Employee Satisfaction Survey).

We offer training leave to our people, allowing them to complete higher marine qualifications while maintaining their employment status. We also offer the flexibility to work from home for those with roles that allow it.

We provide fully equipped housing, close to the worksite, for all FIFO personnel. Rooms are allocated to individuals, not roles, allowing crew to leave their personal belongings at work during each off swing. And we provide a motor vehicle 24 hours a day, to make life on site as comfortable as possible.

We offer an even time roster for our FIFO crew of 3 and 4-week swings, helping them maintain an equal work-life balance. Our crew know exactly when they are coming back to site, year in and year out, ensuring stable and sustainable work for the long-term.

We offer healthy salaries and engage all directly hired employees on a full-time basis. Our personnel are well supported, with income protection insurance, a generous fortnightly meal allowance while on site, and funding opportunities while completing their qualifications.

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Our Principles

Do what’s right, not what’s easy

We do what we say we’ll do and won’t take short cuts or compromise our standards for anything or anyone.

Refuse to be average

Just being good isn’t good enough. We go the extra mile to over-deliver in everything we do.

Stronger together

Individually, we’re all extremely capable but by caring for each other, respecting our differences and working as a united team we move the whole industry forward.

Have each other’s backs

Internally and externally, we trust each other, we look out for each other and we never let anyone down.

Better tomorrow, than today

We constantly improve everything we do, from our systems and processes to building a more skilled, diverse workforce and a more sustainable business.

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