Recruitment, training and development

At Odyssey, we are focused on creating an inclusive workplace that provides growth, development and promotional opportunities for every person.

Odyssey has a proven recruitment strategy where, rather than recycling personnel with industry experience, we dedicate resources to training and upskilling existing personnel, and are also prepared to engage individuals with potential and demonstrated qualities and train them to work in the industry.

As part of that strategy, we provide training opportunities and avenues for entry into the marine industry for Indigenous, female and junior recruits, creating a diverse workforce reflective of the society we live in.

We provide growth, development and promotional opportunities that enable career progression for existing personnel by way of internal promotion. In 2019, we promoted eight long term inshore deckhands to master roles. Between 2021 and 2023 we promoted two towage deckhands to master roles and three Port Hedland inshore masters to Geelong tug master roles. In all cases, we provided all practical training and competency sign-off and met all training costs.

We have developed a six-month training program for our annual intake of trainees, comprised of both theoretical and practical components. As of May 2023, twelve trainees have successfully completed the traineeship and four remain happily employed by Odyssey, while another four trainees are currently completing the program.

We offer a work experience program to high school students and volunteer search and rescue participants to develop their knowledge of the maritime industry and the operation of marine assets.

We engage training masters to assess and upskill our inshore and towage crews, as well as provide external training and consultancy services to our clients’ marine crews. The training masters also assist with the implementation of change as part of our management of change processes.



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