Who we are



Our journey

Odyssey as it’s known today is the result of an acquisition that occurred in 2017. The name ‘Odyssey’ was chosen to represent the journey on which we were embarking, rebuilding the business in the short-term and then adapting, improving and growing into the future.

Since 2017, the journey has been extraordinary. We’ve built a new culture, from the ground up, based on the following principles:

  • The highest standards of corporate governance to ensure that the company and its people do what’s right every time.
  • A flat “one team” structure in which everyone is valued, and no-one is more important than anyone else.
  • Category-leading in-house training and mentoring, ensuring a highly skilled workforce, with significant opportunities for advancement.
  • A commitment to increasing Indigenous and female workforce participation by growing a team that reflects the society we live in.
  • A genuine sustainability mandate with targets geared towards reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our ecological impact.
  • Reinvestment in the business, it’s systems, assets and people so that we never stand still, are constantly improving and setting new standards for others to follow.

We’ve developed exceptional customer relationships on the back of extremely hard work, open communication and a ‘can-do’ ethos.

By engaging with our personnel regularly, communicating openly and transparently and providing career pathways and promotional opportunities, we’ve built a strong rapport with our people.  

Our safety record has been, and continues to be, the envy of the industry and we’ve had 100% operational reliability.

As Port Hedland and its demands have grown, so have we, investing in the world’s best pilot boats and line boats as part of our state-of-the-art fleet and expanding our crew of highly capable people.

And we’ve added to our capability with a marine towage management business, currently operating out of the Port of Geelong in Victoria.

Finally, in March 2023 we amalgamated the inshore and towage businesses under a single, new brand – a brand which reflects who we truly are – a modern, professional organisation and a real leader in our industry.

However, despite all we’ve achieved so far, our journey is only just beginning, and we’re really excited about the challenges ahead.


What we stand for