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Marine logistics is all about the detail – ticking every box and leaving nothing to chance – and it’s that meticulous approach that underpins our comprehensive and professional management of client-owned towage fleets and ship management services.

We specialise in

We offer a rigorous planned maintenance system, ensuring that the tugs we operate comply with all applicable legislation and Flag State and Vessel classification requirements. We also plan and execute the dry docking of vessels.

We specialise in the on-site management of crew, ensuring compliance with legislation, safe working, and other industry best practice, with a focus on maintaining good industrial relations and relationships with local stakeholders.

Scheduling a fleet of tugs against varying client requirements can be tricky, especially when you are factoring in maintenance periods for some of the assets. Using leading systems such as Helm Connect for our job and tug scheduling, we ensure that the tugs required to meet our client’s requirements are always available. 

We specialise in the procurement of ship spares and equipment and take pride in sourcing high-quality components at the right price.

We employ highly skilled and experienced towage training masters to train, develop and pass out tug masters, and we offer a range of consultancy services including operational improvement comparisons, auditing services, and equipment analysis.

We provide additional management services in connection with the performance of marine towage operations.


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* January to December 2022


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